Community Projects By R C Patan West, Rotarians and Philanthropic Organisations in Different Parts of Nepal.


1)  Rotary Maternity Hospital project including Ultrasound, Equipments and  an Ambulance. MG 10056. US$ 34,000.00. RC Gwinnett County, USA and Rs.1.2 Million Raised from Bandipures for the building. The cost of  Woods, Electric wires etc and Free drawing of the building by Rotarian Mr. and Mrs. M.L.Kayastha are not included in the raised funds.

2)  Construction of  Appleton PennWood TB and Chest Hospital. US$ 75,000.00. Money raised by PenWood Charitable Foundation, Colorado, USA

3)  Two Rain water collection tanks  at Bandipur  Hospital. MG21219. US$ 18,000. Singapore, Dist. 3310.

4)  Goat distribution project at Thumka, Kalchok, Korikha, Dalit area, Bhainsekhar, Jhapari, Jum  Danda, Falam Danda, Khahare, Kuwadi and  Halthumka. RC Singapore, RC Patan West.

5)  Water tank and water supply project in Yampa village. WCS, Dist. 2680. US$ 2000.00

6)  Ambulance to Bandipur Hospital, MG 55814, RC Kakogawa Chuo, RC Akashi, Dist. 2680, Japan.  US$ 12,000.00

7)  Child Care Center at Jum Danda. Rs. 168,000.00 Dr. Tham Meng Keat, Singapore.

8)  Drinking water supply project at Simaltar. Lee Sen Gee. Rs. 300,000.00.

9)  Water tank and supply project at Kalchok. Lee Sen Gee. Rs. 300,000.00.

10)  Water tank and supply at Thumka. Dr. Tham Meng Keat, Singapore, Sin $ 6000.00.

11)  Extension of  Bandipur campus Building. RC Singapore. Singapore $ 6000.00.

12)  Extension of  Dalit Community Center at Bandipur. Rs. 523,390.00. C/O Dr. Tham and Local community.

13)  Extension of  Primary school building at Bahun Bhanjyang. Rs 210,000.00. C/O Dr. Tham

14)  Regular health and dental camps at Bandipur. RC Singapore, Patan West, Volunteers from Singapore under the leadership of Dr. Tham, National Dental Hospital, Kathmandu, National cancer Hospital, jawalakhel

15)  Computer to school at Kukurdi. Lee Foundation, Singapore, Rs. 68,000.00.

16)  Water supply project at Kuwadi. C/O Dr. Tham, Singapore, Rs. 280,000.00.

17)  Irrigation project at Thumka, Kalchok. MG No.74386. US$ 31098.30. RC Marina City, Singapore.

18)  Bee Hiving Projects at Bandipur, RC Singapore. Sin $ 3000.00.

19)  Lab set up at Pabitra Ma. Bi, Piple, Dumre, Bandipur, Rs. 246,740.00. C/O Dr, Tham, Singapore.

20)   X-Ray and Laboratory  equipments to Uma Maheswor Community Health Center, Tikhedewal, Lalitpur. MG 52767. US$ 9400.00. RC Amagasaki West, RC Kobe Minami, Dist. 2680. Japan.

21)  Dental equipments to Uma Maheswor Community Health Center, Tikhedewal, Lalitpur. MG 52768. US$ 5050.00. RC Ako. Dist 2680. Japan

22)  Toilet and Solar Hot Water Bath rooms for Child Care Center at Tikhedewal, Lalitpur, WCS. 2680 Japan. US$ 2000.00

23)  School building at Bidur ,Nuwakot,

24)  Cow distribution at Sirubari.

25)  Computers and School furnitures at Mahendragram school, Lalitpur, WCS Project, Dist. 2680 Japan, US$ 3000.00

26)  Solar project in Lamjung

27)  Ambulance to Laborer Women and Child Welfare Council, Bhaktapur. MG No. 65724, RC Takarazuka Mukogawa, Dist. 2680, Japan,  12000.00 US$

28)  Muthidan programs for elderly citizen at Thankot.

29)  Distribution of medical equipments to 32 health Centers of Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City, Lalitpur, RC Kakogawa Chuo, Dist. 2680  Japan, US$ 2000.00

30)  Tube wells in western Terai.

31)  Ambulance  to Changthali Club. MG No. 69240.  US$ 12, 400.00. Dist. 2680, Japan

32)  Security fence at Uma Maheswor Child Care Center. WCS project, Dist. 2680 Japan. US$ 2000.00

33)  An Ambulance to Cancer Care Nepal. MG. 75705. US$ 10,333.00

34)   Ringwells and Toilets in Baluwa.

35)  Bus to CBR project.

36)   AudioVisual Equipments to Chameli Piya Oncology Ward at Bir Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal. US$ 5000.00. WCS Project, Dist. 2680, Japan